About Us

Our trained medical professionals and volunteers meet regularly to address the unique needs of each patient and his or her family and work together to create a community of compassionate care centered around the patient.

Our Mission

To provide terminally ill patients and their loved ones with the support and exceptional care they require to live their lives comfortably and with dignity. We are a premier agency dedicated to providing quality medical services in a caring and professional manner. Each of the team member is committed to service, innovation, and quality care whire serving the needs of the community.

Our Goal

To achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort; To empower the patient and the family by providing them with tools, information, and support to make informed decisions; and to provide ongoing support for the family and friends for as long as needed.

Our Community

Our dedication extends not only to our patients, but to our medical partners. A few qualities that make us on of the most accountable hospice agency around include:
  • JCAHO Accredited
  • Medicare and Medi-Cal/Medicaid Certified
  • Services Available 24/7
  • Same-Day response time for all referrals and quick response time in acute setting.
  • Fast delivery of hospice-related patient Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply needs
  • Triage features a Nurse at Practitioner level
  • Dedicated Community Liaisons to serve as primary point of contact for referrals and/or patient updates.
" Services rendered by this company is exceptional and compassionate"

Gabrielle Marney

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